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2 Seconds Cover 2 Seconds

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Watching 2 Seconds is like going to bike heaven – or at least to bike church. Reverence for bicycling permeates the film.

Laurie, the heroine, gives up bike racing and finds refuge in being a messenger. She loves to ride so much that she often ends up in the countryside between deliveries, oblivious to her whereabouts. When she gets home after a long day of deliveries, she washes down her bike before attending to her own aches and pains. “I just want to ride,” she wails at one point.

And ride she does all around Montreal, from mountain trails, to country lanes, to city streets in this beautifully filmed movie.

Helping Laurie along the way is Lorenzo, a curmudgeonly former racer who has adjusted to “civilian” life by opening a bike shop. They both hold bikes in awe. With Lorenzo as a father figure, Laurie figures out how to survive post-racing.

Bikers of all stripes will savor this film, and hardcore riders will relate to the analysis of the pain that sometimes comes with biking. The best scene involves Laurie and Lorenzo comparing injuries to determine who has been most scared by bicycling.

In another scene, Laurie’s nerdy brother explains that, according to the theory of relativity, time is suspended as you approach the speed of light. This thought-provoking point offers an explanation of why Laurie loves speed. Even at 28 years old, time is chasing her down. Is the bicycle her fountain of youth?

During the course of the film, Laurie discovers that two seconds can be a very long time, not only in racing but in life. It’s long enough to make life-changing decisions, and in this gritty, somewhat fanciful film only some of those decisions work out. The take home message: watch out for potholes along the way.

Title: 2 Seconds
Year Released: 1998
Duration: 100 minutes
Language: French
Bike Content: 10/10 wheels

Posted by Greg Borzo on 09/03 at 09:42 PM