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40-Year-Old Virgin Cover 40 Year Old Virgin

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The movies typically portray bicyclists as off-beat, from idealists to weirdoes. Only occasionally do these oddballs overcome their flaws and turn out to be sensitive or successful. Even more rarely do they get the girl.

The 40 Year Old Virgin is a hilarious movie about such a bicycling misfit. At the start of the film, Andy’s life is so boring that the highlight of his weekend is making tuna fish salad. This loner is so peculiar and introverted that a co-worker thinks he’s a serial killer.

One of the finest touches of the film is how the bicycle helps establish who Andy is. He’s not only nerdy but also frugal, gentle and unassuming. Notice how he obeys traffic signs, wears a helmet and even signals his turns. In this film, bicycling goes from being dorky to sensible as Andy develops from inept to affable.

In the beginning, we buy the unlikely premise that Andy is still a virgin because the shy, eccentric character is so well written. He has simply decided through trial-and-error that it was less complicated and less messy to remain a virgin.

Steve Carell, of “The Daily Show” fame, co-wrote the script based on an idea that was first developed in a Second City skit. In this, his first big-screen role, Carell convincingly plays Andy with grace and deadpan, sincerity and charm. As the film progresses, we find ourselves rooting for Andy as his life becomes more challenging and exciting.

This is not a crude, one-dimensional sex comedy such as There’s Something About Mary. Most of the humor here is fresh and clever. It reveals the characters, such as when Andy says, “I’m a virgin, always have been.” Ironically, Andy turns out to have more insights into women than his male co-workers, who make it their mission to help Andy overcome his “handicap”.

Attention to detail also sets this finely crafted film apart from juvenile raunch. Look for the well-groomed, carefully attired Andy playing poker with the guys – while drinking a Fanta. Watch how he parts with his collection of action figures as reluctantly as he parts with his virginity. In fact, his toys are virgins too, since Andy has carefully kept them in their original packaging.

The film is full of such subtleties, as well as side-splitting laughs (and a few lewd scenes). The big question, however, is this: After Andy “grows up” by shedding his virginity, does he keep on biking? Let’s hope so.

Title: 40 Year Old Virgin
Year Released: 2005
Duration: 116 minutes
Language: English
Bike Content: 8/10 wheels

Posted by Greg Borzo on 09/03 at 09:47 PM