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The Ride is the story of Phil Keoghan’s 2009, 40-day, cross-country trip to support the National MS Society. More of an adventure story than a ride chronicle, this film is funny and very engaging.

There have been many cross-country bike rides and several movies about them – all of which have recounted travails, from illness to injury and storms to sunburns. None of these films, however, have been as funny or creative as The Ride, the story of Phil Keoghan’s 2009 cross-country trip to support the National MS Society.

Here’s one example. The ride starts at Santa Monica Beach with fanfare, TV cameras rolling and hundreds of cyclists along in support. At the first red light, however, the ride leaders realize that they don’t know where to go. They cross this hurdle and others that follow with grace and humor.

Indeed, navigation was the biggest challenge all along the 40-day, 3,500-mile ride to New York City. Keoghan not only prevails but with panache and raises an incredible $500,000 for MS in the process.

More of an adventure story than a ride chronicle, this film is very engaging. Keoghan held press events and met with MS groups most days and blogged most evenings, all of which added to his formidable task of biking about 100 miles a day. Although he had company all along the way, including his father in a support vehicle, Keoghan was the only one to pedal the entire distance.

“I would never have considered cheating myself out of even just one mile,” he said in Chicago during a 2011 cross-country trip to screen his film at several Regal Cinemas that sponsored the fundraising events. Alas, the film is not likely to be shown commercially on the big screen, but it is available for download on Amazon.

The Ride is beautifully filmed, primarily by a cameraman sitting backwards on a motorcycle that led the way. It is expertly edited and elegantly set to classical music. It will have you laughing as well as crying and might even motivate you to write a check for MS.

The hard-driving indefatigable Keoghan is author of No Opportunity Wasted: Creating a Life List. Living up to this title, he recently accepted an invitation to join a bike ride that might top his cross-country MS ride: seven weeks, seven continents. One can only hope that Keoghan will produce a movie from that ride, as well.

Title: The Ride
Year Released: 2010
Duration: 87 minutes
Language: English
Bike Content: 10/10 wheels

Posted by Greg Borzo on 09/03 at 10:19 PM