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Wired to Win Cover Wired to Win

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Wired to Win is inspiring and informative.

It offers fabulous scenes of the Tour de France and the beautiful French countryside as racers climb mountain peaks, round tight curves and fight their way through pressing crowds. On another level, the film shows how the brain functions during exercise.

All but neurologists are sure to learn something about the workings of the brain, aptly depicted with engaging special effects. After seeing this film, the next time you take a long hard bike ride you’ll think about and better appreciate how your brain controls and coordinates your every activity. And if you’re not in the habit of wearing a helmet, this film will make you think twice.

But Wired to Win is more than educational. It’s motivating and uplifting. While the film explains and portrays the brain mechanics (electrical signals, neurons, synapses, etc.), it also conveys the message that the brain seems to have a heart. It’s the brain that overcomes pain, weighs risks versus rewards, and keeps the body working hard against all odds.

This film makes the case that winning is not “mind over matter” after all. It’s mind over mind. As the narrator says at one point, “If the brain is the engine of everything that’s possible, motivation is the fuel.”

Indeed, it’s motivation that separates the winners from the losers in the Tour de France, as demonstrated in this film by Lance Armstrong as he overcomes one of his near tragic falls. But Armstrong only appears in a few scenes. The real stars of Wired to Win are Australian sprinter Baden Cooke and his French teammate Jimmy Caspar. Getting to know two lesser known riders underscores how many unsung heroes the Tour harbors.

Title: Wired to Win
Year Released: 2005
Duration: 40 minutes
Language: English
Bike Content: 9/10

Posted by Greg Borzo on 09/03 at 10:21 PM